Saturday, September 19, 2009


  • so its 3:40 am and icant sleep
  • friday was a blower but it ended very well
  • but im sittin here on youtube gettin my tech geek on and lookin at videos of Mac setups which are pretty sweet (if some of u dont know im a big tech geek at heart iLove electronics)
  • iDream of these things on a daily because 1 day iknow ill be living a life where ican buy what iwant with a problem....put it this way igot my money spent in my head....damn shame rite? lol
  • ive always wanted a macbook laptop....a series of top notch laptops by Apple such beautiful creations lol
  • iswear if apple didnt create the ipod id be SOL because ipod is my counselor
  • but ijust thought id do 1 for the nite peace & love

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