Saturday, February 28, 2009


  • Today was actually fun lol
  • iworked 10-2 then got some good news lol 
  • got home got yelled at by my dad for parking in front of him w/e
  • went to indigo's house then went with her to Spartan land lol 
  • went to the NSU/Hampton bball game NSU owned em 87 to 53 ithink?
  • iChilled with my favorite cuzin niecy what funnnnnnnnnnnnn 
  • NSU band keeps it real
  • and the NSU/Hampton cheerleaders had a "cheer" off (black cheerleaders at HBCUs can gyrate for fast periods of time lol
  • iThink iwanna go to NSU now....
  • my cuzzo Jon Luke told if like the place of where im furthering my education ishould go it dont matter if u fit in but the all black college experience does sound kool doe
  •  iNeed to get away for college so imma do that ithink 
  • iCan never make up my mind for sure but who cares
  • HBCU's are wheres its at 
took this schnazzy pic at the game
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HBCU Bball games are freshhhhhhhhhhhh
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Quote of the day: "It doesnt matter if u fit in or not if u want a good education, go where u would like to learn not learn how to fit in" -My cousin Jon Luke 


Friday, February 27, 2009


  • so what a day! mannn lol so much happened lol
  • ileft school at 10:40 didnt feel like goin to marketing or gov had too much on my mind
  • went to iHop with brodder bumbles (dorsey) and Jarod 
  • came home and died of boredom 
  • took my lil cuzzin to her aunts house and had nothing to do and found myself driving to valero and sitting in the parking lot lol
  • went to amf met up wit Tito for a bit then went to chipotle with my cuzzo chris and his friend
  • went to the mall and saw everyone and their effin mother there
  • Saw a good friend of mine ihavent seen in awhile Michel'Le! 
  • saw my cuzzo James he was tipsy out his ass 
  • saw "someone" get kicked out the mall dont know for what
  • kicked it with Ebony! and her friend for a bit 
  • talked to Bonk on the fone for a bit to let out some frustrations 
  • Question: How do u date a female who has dated another female but u dont know that she dated another female? lol HI-LARIOUS
  • iReally need to break this pattern of fallin for girls who have boyfriends....ihate it with a burning infamous passion
  • iChilled with Qadi and Tiff tonite! they almost killed me because ialready seen Madea Goes to Jail lol 
  • then we had the best talks and tiff and qadi were doing the robot to the touching vibration of my touchscreen on my fone lol 
  • iHave to work in the morning....10-2 then OFF TO NSU iGO! 
  • iCant wait to see Niecy! and go to the bball game NSU vs Hampton! SO IN THERE 
Quotes of the Day: "If it look like a duck, act like a duck, quack like a duck....then its a duck no gettin around it" 

"If someone doesnt love u by now odds are they never will"


Thursday, February 26, 2009


  • idt im staying the whole day at school tomorrow irefuse imma get moms to write me anote
  • iHave come to the realization that after chillen wit my Cuzzo Jon Luke that family is the best thing u could have especially when u got some shitty best friends
  • Me and Luke went to see Madea goes to Jail LMAO funniest thing ever
  • iNeed to clean my car tomorrow
  • iStopped by my cuzzo JoJo House to see his mom and talked to him bout cars lol and played with his new laptop
  • iHad Chick Fil A this morn and it hit the spot greatly lol 
  • iCant wait until my head unit arrives
  • iCant wait to get my subs lol
  • iWent to best buy and saw this toshiba laptop iLOVE!
  • but other than that the day was average....

So some1 drew this on the board in my gov class and ithought it was kool
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This is Marvelous rite here
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Quote of the Day: "Life does indeed have obstacles but they are called obstacles so u can overcome them"


Wednesday, February 25, 2009


  • iThought my day was gonna be horrible considering my horrible morning
  • iGot gas this morning 15 dollars filled my tank....iLove hondas 
  • iHad the best lunch brunch with my cousin Connie at Chipotle! we had the best talk lol
  • iWent to both walmarts and neither of them had a cd player for my car iLiked 
  • so I ordered it online! its so beast doe
  • then they called me into work so isaid y not extra hours 
  • iNeed to clean my car cleaned and get it serviced by no other than pops
  • iNow cant wait to get my Subs for Krypto lol (my car) 
  • so we got A days for the next 2 days 
  • def goin to Chick Fil A in the morn....
  • is tomorrow a bum day? Yes indeedy!
  • so icame to the conclusion homeboy is now out my inner circle tryin act like a friend when he want somethin but then dont kno me when im not needed so hey wth keep it movin igot other friends 
this would be Krypto's new toy comin within the coming weeks
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iWant these item on my list LOL 
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Quote of the Day: "If u wanna use someone for ur own personal gain learn to use and not be used" 


Tuesday, February 24, 2009


  • school was up and down today 
  • im madd like 3 ppl im kool wit got suspended today each for different reasons
  • but the thing that pisses me off is that one of my friends got call the "n" word today by this white kid and he meant because he thought my friend was cuttin him in the lunch line and called him "ignorant" then my friend got suspended for going after him after he tried to walk away. its a shame especially when its the end of black history month what a spat in the face yo. it really is SOME PARENTS need to stop this whole segregation nonsense it is no longer the 60's anymore it is Obama era now ppl Deal wit it 
  • iGet paid sometime after midnight tonite YEAH DOE!
  • iNeed to get gas tomorrow morning before school...
  • iHave a lunch date with my cuzzo Connie tomorrow at Chipotle! the marvelous aluminum brick we all love lol
  • My Homie Tremaine got an iPhone this past weekend and as iWas giving it back to him in physics this morning.....we missed each others hands and dropped it on the floor...iFelt as if iDied lol 
  • ihung out wit my bff's Chris & Shae, iwish icould find love like theirs 
  • went to mandas to work on our physics project wit Tremaine barely got anything done lol
  • iAm tired of my best friend not even actin like a friend or actin like idont exist we suppose to be homeboys ok...idc anymore icant wait to get the hell outta that school! so iCan move on with my life 
iCall this Shadow 
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the one ironic thing....nature's beauty and a school 
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at the end of the day ive known these 2 forever it seems and ikno they got my back
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Quote of the Day: "iGuess that's what iGet for wishful thinking" -Rihanna "Rehab"

Monday, February 23, 2009


  •  school was iight just dragged
  • im still doing hw and its 11:11 (make a wish)
  • tomorrow is gonna suck....A Days always do
  • ihad fun today chillen wit my homeboy chris and shae
  • "you taste like shrimp from red lobster" LMAO =Shae
  • chilled at shae crib for abit 
  • went to pizza hut and got a medium pizza for a penny! wit my 2 cuzzos 
  • chilled at my cuzzo chris crib to do some hw 
  • iNeed better time management isuck at it 
  • iNeed to figure out who im goin to beachweek with?
  • iMiss my bff Qadi
  • took some kool pics today doe

Quote of the Day: "Life is like a slideshow, all the things I've seen, all the things I've dreamed u can't take away from me"  -T.I. ft John Legend "slide show"


Sunday, February 22, 2009


  • Work was killer today nothin new as usual
  • went wally world saw a cd player for my car iliked
  • igot a mini gov project due tuesday ill do that tomorrow when iget home 
  • iReally need to finish filling out my financial aid
  • iReally hate reading for english...what a dragggggg
  • im glad tomorrow is a Bday doe...A Days are a hassle for reel
  • iChilled wit my cuzzos Chris & Corey today too hilarious hahahaha
  • Black History month is about to come to an end this week 
  • icant wait for the remaining members of goon squad to return soon!
  • but my Birthday is almost a month away now KOOLNESS!

iWant this bad boy doe 
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this movie came on today and ihavent seen it since iwas a kid...gosh time flies
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Quote of the Day: "Doing for others u care about is the most greatest happiness one can ever have" 

"iCannot explain all the things love makes me do but ican say idont regret any of it!" -Shauniece Jackson lol 

Saturday, February 21, 2009


  • work was soooooooooooo draggin hard in the pavement hard! 
  • when iGot off iWent to the mall and met up wit my Cuzin Niecy had alot of good moments
  • picked up her bf aka my bro DaRon from work 
  • then played wit his son (lil Zy) had alot of hilarious moments
  • "That was so G!" -Me witnessing Niecy snatch DaRon for a kiss lmao
  • "so the other day isaw a bumper sticker that iWant but it was on another bumper" LOL -Niecy 
  • "Ay Ay Ay Dont act up its Febuary and its black history month and ur black the last time ichecked" LOL -Niecy talkin to Melvin 
  • "Where is his Trfiling Mother?" lol -no comment insider
  • my paycheck is gonna be Phait! next week doe so excited 
  • Seen my homie Donnell in town visiting doe it was kool doe 
  • but im watchin ATL 

Quote of the Day: "Being somethin u arent isnt kool especially when u doin it to impress others. Be yourself and do u for u"


Friday, February 20, 2009


  • School was hellish today felt drained 
  • didnt much happen today 
  • iwant a new job ikno that much doe
  • iSeen the Rihanna Pic today WOW CB messed her face all up mannn but funny thing is she wants him back?!?!?! and still talks to him? women ill never understand the species until im married lol
  • iMiss my bff Qamiya 
  • idont wanna go to work tomorrow
  • brightside is im hanging out with my cousin tomorrow afterwards
  • went to circuit city to find out they pretty have nothing now 
  • and now im just boredoe 
Quote of the Day: "Never live ur life to please others, but learn to please urself and not live a life to make others happy"


Thursday, February 19, 2009


  • School was guess what....LAME lol 
  • iChilled wit my big bro Ness today and listened to some of his freestyles and im happy for em he finally movin up in the world 
  • came home talked to the mom then left and went to my other bro Dennis pad to do some hw 
  • Watchin some ABDC and Beat Freaks KILLED THE COMPETITION AGAIN! im for em all female group killin it? thats work 
  • Is it me or is it Chris Breezy & Rihanna nite on ABDC?
  • iGot a current event, vocab quiz in gov, quiz in marketing, and a test in math tomorrow WTH! school is testin me literally
  • Senior trip mite actually work out...60 bucks for a trip to six flags wit the peeps? im down doe
  • iCant wait until payday...wednesday couldnt come any quicker 
  • iGotta figure out what im doin this weekend doe 
  • iHad some Chipotle today! greatness mean the aluminum brick as Kross calls it lol 
thought this was kool
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1 thing some ppl dont know ilove to take pics of nature scenery iTake anything that catches my eye
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Quote of the Day: "Sometimes u have to take bitter with the sweet, let patience and perserverence be ur virtues and all hard work will pay off with time"


Wednesday, February 18, 2009


  • school was iight today government we had ice cream cake for homegirl ashley's birthday jive kool
  • work was weak!!!!!!!! as hell dragged for days couldnt wait to get offf 
  • iFound out that even in the 12th grade ppl are still tryin to "buy" their "friends" LMAO u kiddin me sahn? wow u wack for that one doe 
  • all the females ichill wit in my lunch all have unique names LOL 
  • iBeen stuck on this Rick Ross & John Legend joint "Magificent" song is greatness
  • And also Anthony Hamilton - Pass Me Over & Estelle - You Are 
  • Chic-Fil-A got free breakfast or some ish toma mite go scoop me some before schoolage 
  • The Drake mixtape is too fresh doe! So Far Gone bout to download the joint now Kross got me addicted to that joint 
  • These Teaches in school are trippin I got a quiz tomorrow and 3 on friday OH DAMN DEE! 

Magnificent - Rick Ross ft John Legend

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Swagga Like Us Performance one word...HARD

Quote of the Day: "Intelligence is the true goal of character" -Martin Luther King Jr.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009


  • so yet again a lame day at school nothing new
  • some ppl seem alil discouraged when itold them im doin the germanna thing oh well IM DOIN WHATS BEST FOR ME AND THATS ALL THAT MATTERS 
  • work wasn't any better seemed as if alot of ppl iwork wit were in a pissy mood oh well lol
  • iCant wait to get a new job doe bestbuy maybe? never know its possible
  • Craigslist is makin me turn away from ebay rite now because ifound a almost brand new blackberry storm for 100 bucks thats WORK! lol(bout to add it to my favorites)
  • is this week draggin and doin the most? yes it is! 
  • took some new pix pretty kool if u ask me 
  • SO Aubrey O'Day's interview about playboy,Danity Kane, Diddy, and her sexuality

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Quote of the day: "a flower may look feel and smell like a flower but that dont mean it seems like a flower" 


Monday, February 16, 2009


-School was lame as usual today
-Worked 3-5
-Today was my moms birthday she loved her Doonie bag iBought her 
-iCant wait until spring gets here because iMiss the warm weather
-iCant wait until summer gets here which=more hours for work 
-iThink iMade the rite decision by choosin to do 2 yrs at Germanna so my parents can save some money and iCan still work at the same time so thats a plus and iHave a whip now too so thats a plus
-iWant my new digi cam and 360 and new fone and surround sound system lol 
-Another B-Day at school tomorrow koolness early release yet again
-iLike the new Dream video to Rockin that Thang 

Quote of the day, "if a friend doesn't have ur back or begins to act funny over petty bull, odds are u dont need em in ur life" -Shauniece Jackson 


Sunday, February 15, 2009


Another weekend at its' end 
it was actually iight had a good time friday with the cousins
Valentines day was lame but iwent to the best female hs bball game ever in my life
today worked 9-6 makin money tryna get my cd player for my car next payday next week
school tomorrow dont wanna go...lame? yes indeedy 
060509 couldnt come any quicker