Saturday, March 28, 2009


  • so the last few days have been insane! 
  • school was ok 
  • been chillen wit my bro for the last few days 
  • went to the movies last nite to see the haunting in conneticut and it was something serious didnt waste my money lol 
  • ahhhhhhh so idecided what im doin after high school everyone.....alot really are shocked by this but oh welll ifinally decided that im doing the air force..yeah isaid the air force. im doin it because im making life easier for me and my parents. idont want a butload of student loans to pay once igrad from college so yeah and icant picture myself being broke in college but if u dont like my decision oh well go suck a nut because the ones icare about support me 100 but the benefits are redic. and iget to travel as yall know igrew up in the burg so ireally havent been anywhere like that so im excited
  • my birthday is like 3 weeks now hahaha 
  • ihave a date to the prom now hehehehe so excited 
  • Grad is less than 70 days away now im so blown thats crazy to me lol 
  • but im on my Lady GaGa ish tho her songs are just so catchy to me lol 
  • Poker Face just wont get out of my head lol 
Quote of the Day: "Never hold back on ur dreams embrace them and dont fear that u cant reach them....there is always a way"


Wednesday, March 25, 2009


  • School was iight iguess if thats what u wanna call it 
  • yesterday we took senior panoramic pix which our senior class took up a whole side of the gym lol and everyone wasnt even there
  • my big bro came home today so me and steph gonna chill wit him tomorrow tho.....
  • the Keri Hilson album is music crack from a dude's point of view, beats are hot, lyrics dope, she=fine and im done lol
  • chilled wit tima today and played some wii tennis and bowling and guitar hero! oh yea
  • ate some chipotle yessir 
  • so glad tomorrow is thursday the week is almost over!
  • so that Kid Cudi "Day N Nite" track has been stuck in my head Forever in a day 
  • and so is that Keri Hilson "Knock You Down" song is dopeness
  • iam anxious because INEED TO KNOW WHERE IM GOIN TO COLLEGE! ihave yet to receive any like damn am I at the bottom of the stack?
  • ODU holler at me? lol ireally wanna go there its my dream school and to be given a 2nd chance is amazing hopefully my March 14th Sat's come thru for the kid
  • im so confused on the "crushing" situation........
  • 20 days until my birthday so excited lol 18 baby! 
  • im not looking forward to school tomorrow.....dear lord  when do iever unless the date is 06 05 09 iwont be caring 
Quote of the Day: "Sometimes Love comes around...and it knocks you down but just get back up when it knocks you down -Keri Hilson" 

Keri Hilson ft Kanye West & Ne-Yo - song is pretty dope 

the new Ciara/J.T. video is pure "Love Sex Magic" wow 

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Monday, March 23, 2009


  • Same Old Same Old at school
  • my spring break is already gonna be busy like idk what
  • work was boring 
  • Senior Panoramic pic is tomorrow during A-1 missing physics oh yeah!
  • icannot wait to get paid 
  • my bro comes home in 1 day and a wake up which is kool aint seen em since December
  • ididnt finish my hw but oh well 
  • icant wait until that money can come up 
  • today irealized its official....icant get her outta my mind....without a smile 
  • icant stop listenin to J. Holiday - Run Into My Arms (his new album is somethin serious) 
  • so iWant my laptop so bad lol 
  • but im outta here for the nite until tomorrow 

Sunday, March 22, 2009


  • this weekend was up and down but it resulted iight iguess
  • icant believe march is almost over u know what actually Scratch that ican! 
  • April needs to get here because iturn 18 next month so ican become legal and go clubbin and not have a curfew anymore and get better jobs 
  • today was a beautiful day outside and chilled with niecy today and took her out for a change 
  • today irealized that iam crushin hard for this certain female she knows who she is and ilove her overall aura to me her vibe tells a story icould read for days her personality is so swaggtastic lol 
  • icant wait for summer to arrive so ican make this cash and buy what iwant 
  • ineed to hear back from some of these colleges because as of rite now ihavent got accepted anywhere.....that isnt good. im waiting on 3 colleges to be exact 
  • Senioritis is killin me slowly but surely im givin in day by day some of my classes are killing me and the work is easy! ijust dont like doing it
  • my big bro comes home on wednesday doe! we bout to be geekin!
  • iwant a better job so now im just waiting to turn 18 for sure 
  • if odu lets me in this time ill be so excited iwont know what to do but nsu is still an option but more than likely if iget into odu ill go because im gonna prove them ican do the work that some SAT doesnt represent my work ethic 
  • icant wait for beach week! 
  • today all icould think about is life after 6/5/09 what a blissful thought........

iwant these so baddddddd
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and iwill have them lol 

Quote of the Day: "What we do doesn't define who we are, but what defines us is what we do while we rise after we have fallen"


Friday, March 20, 2009


  • ihavent been on here in a few days so much to say
  • got into a fender bender yesterday my car is ok thank god no damage just a scratch on my bumper this lady CUT ME OFF ON RT 3! and itapped her bumper 
  • She got the ticket tho 
  • iHung out with my 1st cousin joey yesterday since it was his last day and he finally met our other 1st cousin Kristina for the 1st time it was a great moment 
  • ibeen listenin to the Drake Mixtape non stop considering my moods lately
  • iChilled with my long time friend C Ward today talked about college he is hoping iget into ODU since iretook the SAT's for them....iHope iget in
  • this whole college process is a pain in the ass because my mind keeps changing ijust...I DONT KNOW!
  • today was a horrible day at school someone who icut out my life ithought is tryna get back in.......
  • some ppl OD on joking now awdays.....if u talk about somebody dont whisper to the other person say it to their face!
  • ineed to get accepted into colleges please by my birthday! 
this is the result when itapped her bumper when SHE cut me off but she got the ticket lol 
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these would be my 1st Cousins yes hard to believe 
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Quote of the Day: "dont ask for permission, ask for forgiveness and let go" 


Wednesday, March 18, 2009


  • ididnt go to school until last period today lol
  • ichilled with my cousin joey today doe! me and pops did 
  • ummmm my cousin Krissy is comin up to meet him tomorrow im so excited because she is meeting her dad side (my uncle) of the Fam finally 
  • and imay be possible seeing my grandfather tomorrow...ihavent seen him since 2004 and he is the only 1 ihave left.
  • ifeel so happy that this is all happening my senior year so many memories ill miss everysingle 1
  • icant believe iturn 18 next month wow
  • icant wait until beach week! 
  • my big bro comes home next week doe from basic!
  • ebony is my bud we chillen tomorrow yesiir so kool 
  • work was chill for once
Quote of the Day: "Dont Judge Me. U def dont know my struggle" -Niecy & DaRon lol 


Monday, March 16, 2009


  • school=Mediocre
  • my cuzin joey is in town from Maine ill prolly be seein him tomorrow kinda excited seeing as he is my 1st cousin whom ihavent seen in 5 yrs
  • ichilled with my cuzzo Jon Luke today kicked it wit him and Kavon being dumb and played Xbox and talked bout some stuff
  • my bro stephen comes home next wednesday mannnn 
  • me and Eboni got a lunch brunch tomorrow at chipotle! haha 
  • im about to bomb my vocational test tomorrow im screwed iforgot to read the chapter ugh oh well 
  • but imust go to sleep 
Quote of the Day: "Move on. It's just a chapter in the past. But don't close the book. Just turn the page" -best quote ive heard in awhile


Sunday, March 15, 2009


  • im so bored 
  • this weekend was dry
  • my cousin is coming to town tomorrow havent seen em in 5 yrs 
  • idont wanna go to school tomorrow
  • had a somewhat rough say but ill be ok 
  • im still waitin to hear back from NSU 
  • aint much to say tonite so im out 

Saturday, March 14, 2009

[i]Can't Take It Anymore

  • today was another one of those days 
  • im almost broke but havent spent barely anymoney on myself
  • itruly cannot take this insanity any longer iswear 
  • Town Centre WEAK!
  • spring break get here please....
  • iwant another job im not gettin any hours to get me by paycheck to paycheck
  • iTook SAT;s today and ihope idid well
  • "iwoke up today and wish istayed asleep"
  • cuzin ditched me at the mall pretty much 
  • im truly beginning to think what real friends do ihave because icalled all the ppl iwanted to chill with and they didnt answer the fone 
  • all im gonna say is WATCH ME DO ME! dont ask me for NOTHING! dont call me PERIOD 
  • iwas suppose to chill withsome one today and didnt happen
  • my dad has no respect honestly ithink he feels he can talk to anyone anyway he wants...this is y he wonders y we dont get along because everyword to me is a rude demand no Hi he never talks to me but whatever.

Took this pic today thru my sunroof
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Quote of the Day: "Some people u think ur kool with shouldnt be in every lane, they need to stay in their respected lane not be swerving in every single one"


Friday, March 13, 2009


  • School was weakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ileft at 10:40 if iwould have stayed longer iwould have lost whatever sanity ihave left
  • Friday ther 13th truly is a bad day 
  • ichilled with Niecy & Tasha and helped babysat Zyion (lil kid is the koolest)
  • chilled wit my cuzin chris before he went to work and slept at his crib for 3 hrs to get my self together (dont ask iwas really having a bad day) 
  • went to TGI Fridays to eat dinner with Indigo 
  • then went to the "Town Centre" WEAK! hahahaha
  • now im here about to go to sleep because ihave SAT's in the morning (PRAY FOR ME)!
  • itook some koolio new pix so they will be up tomorrow 
  • ihave a lunch date tomorrow and cant wait :-)
Quote of the Day: "It is not what you say ur about its about how u represent and carry urself on a daily basis to define a well rounded person"


Thursday, March 12, 2009


  • School was extra wack as usual 
  • im not stayin tomorrow im leaving at 10:40! lol 
  • work was extra wack too dragged for days 
  • iCant wait for spring break lol 
  • iThink our Seniors may go on a Senior Trip for once lol
  • ihope God sees me thru all the way isacrifice alot for the ones ilove and even put them before myself 
  • igotta figure out what the deal is this weekend doe
  • iGot SAT's saturday mannnn lord guide me mannnn so serious 
  • but idont have much to say again tonight 
Quote of the Day: "Friends Come and Go....Im livin for today!"  -Seneca Malone 


Wednesday, March 11, 2009


  • School was ok today is Julie and Tyresa birthday 
  • today was another beautiful day outside 
  • iworked today whomp whomp and put in my vacation for spring break
  • iam neglecting my hw rite now and idc  rite now 
  • im ready for senior trip now lol Six Flags mayne! 
  • idont wanna go to school or work tomorrow......
  • idont wanna take SAT's on saturday.....
  • iwould like to know what college im goin to by spring break lol
  • but iam tired and have nothing else to say im out 

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


  • iwoke up late again for school but made it on time....barely
  • Computer Networking was ok
  • iFound out me and my partner placed 1st in an FBLA contest competition! icouldnt believe because sometimes ilack self esteem iaint gonna lie so now im goin to regionals on April 17th 
  • iTook cap and gown shots today at school ihope they look ok....
  • went over my big homie Tre house today after school and chilled until like 7 wit him Court and Shabazz 
  • HI-LARIOUS ithink we were lunchin for 2 hrs straight on how Tre is a Lama at the zoo and how if her and tre had kicks it be a half lama LOL 
  • Tre def jacked Shabazz for his Pippens lol 
  • Then we were lunchin off that wack dude Young LA on his wack verses talkin bout extra cheese and Broccoli servin everybody WOW lol 
  • iget paid after midnight tonite HY! 
  • so idef cant wait for spring break! ugh ineed to get away time to start saving money 

Quote of the Day: "No matter what type of person you are, u should know ur limitations learn how to deal with them and move on" 


Monday, March 9, 2009


  • School was ok
  • Adv Physics was fun my group speghetti bridge held 650 lbs believe it or not lol 
  • Math was wack took this long quiz that took all class
  • Marketing iwas bored to death!
  • Government was extra wack 
  • iSaw Taquana and Kemisha today! so happy to see my old track buddies
  • iGot my stuff sent off to NSU today 
  • igot my car cleaned today finally! lol 
  • my head unit is working wonders lol
  • Cap & Gown pics are tomorrow wow never thought id see the day 
  • had a good time with Niecy today ilove her new laptop and im jealous 
  • My 1st cousin whom ihavent seen in 5 yrs is coming to visit next monday im excited and nervous all at the same time because for the 1st time ever all the 1st cousins on my dads side are uniting 
Quote of the Day: "I have known myself all my life, I dont need anyone to tell me about myself plain and simple" 


Sunday, March 8, 2009


  • iWorked at a different Food Lion today and iloved it people are so much nicer there and worry about their own damn selves 
  • iGot home and vacuumed the car out, still need to clean the outside tho but iaint have time today
  • spend a couple hrs wit pops installing my CD Player! yessir and its effin kool lol 
  • this weekend's weather was so nice now idef cant wait until my birthday
  • now idont wanna go back to school tomorrow...icant do this....idk whats worst school or work both are stressful and make me hate life sometimes
  • 060509
  • 041409 both dates icant wait for 
  • oh and icant forget 032509 
  • ishould really be doing my math bout to say forget it
  • spring break would be lovely rite now if IWERE IN COLLEGE but no...
  • ineed to get my stuff sent off to NSU tomorrow hahaaha so excited to know im prolly goin somewhere in life and out da burg aint nothin here for me or anyone for that matter who wants to follow their dreams 
My Head Unit 
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Quote of the Day: "Memories of how things used to be are bogus to me now because ino longer care enough to be bothered by it all anymore" 


Saturday, March 7, 2009


  • So work was horrendous and depressing nothing new
  • idont wanna work tomorrow
  • now igotta send my stuff off monday
  • ihung out wit tiff and qadi today at the lame town centre 
  • iWas in the middle of driving and came to a complete stop on rt 17 lol when tiff told me something lol
  • im waiting to get paid next week 
  • my bro comes home in 2 weeks as of tomorrow mannnn 
  • im so exhausted spring break needs to get here im tired 
  • ihave nothing more to say at the moment 
ipulled over in the car and took this off the road
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Quote of the Day: "if u have a dream dont wait to go after it, fight for ur dream not today not tomorrow not next week, do it now!"


Friday, March 6, 2009


  • Today was a mediocre day 
  • school was ok took a test in english 
  • got graduation stuff today 
  • chilled with Niecy & DaRon today
  • got my haircut! oh yeahdoe! 
  • ate some chipotle 
  • found out some bad news bout work....that place is stressful
  • me and shereka hung out and chilled it was kool doe 
  • chilled with Qadi and Tiff today acting dumb doin the stanky arm lol
  • a certain person actually talked to me today after like 3 weeks of silence between each other
  • found out that my 1st cousin Joey is comin down from Maine with his son and wife to visit! ihavent seen him in about 5 years 
  • im excited he is my big cuzin and im glad he is comin to visit 
  • my bro stephen comes home in like 3 weeks now mannnn
  • 041409 couldnt come at a better time 
  • 060509 needs to be here faster tired of this bull im constantly dealing with 
  • im finishing my app to NSU tomorrow! hahaha thanks to Tiff 
  • but im out for the nite im tired and ineed some music before igo insane! 
Quote of the Day: "Life has its obstacles but whether or not u decide to go through them usually determines how u can become a better person"


Thursday, March 5, 2009


  • Today we returned to school....what a blower
  • nothin special happened as usual 
  • after school went over my cuzzo Jon Luke's crib and chilled as he beat me severly in Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe but its ok doe lol
  • His mom cooked some bangin fried porkchop and rice DEAR LORD! was it great
  • iSwear aint no friend better than family mannnn 
  • Graduation stuff is coming tomorrow wow its almost that if it would come alil quicker
  • this weekend is suppose to be warm so shorts it is! lol 
  • tomorrow im chillen wit Niecy then after that idk my bff jill
  • payday needs to get here cuz this near brokeness is a horrible feeling to have
  • idont wanna go to school tomorrow as usual....but its a B Day so it shouldnt be as badd
  • Quest Crew won ABDC which was good even tho iwanted beat freaks to win
  • so im tired and outta here kiddos 
Quote of the Day: "Friends arent always promised forever but family is a bond that never fades"


Wednesday, March 4, 2009


  • So today was chill...ran afew errands for my moms
  • FINALLY finished applying for financial aid for college thank god thats outta the way doe
  • did some thinking today of what life will be life if iget into NSU and what it will be life leaving home to be on my excited but at the same time im nervous ive never moved before so this will be an obstacle to overcome
  • So ihad a good outing with my bff Qadi yesterday we had some of the best convos especially the lady who was drivin in the mallparking lot with 1 hand on the wheel and a cig in the other and hit some snow turning and spun wheels LOL
  • crushin on some1 sucks! but iwonder does she notice yet? who knows
  • My cousin Niecy comes home tomorrow so excited as always...ilove it when she comes home we always have something to talk about may it be funny, serious, or just good conversation
  • so tomorrow iReturn back to school for a worthless, pointless, rediculous 2 day week of school as yall can see rite now ihate School because of how BORING it is...same ppl same situations everyday listening to teachers talk for an hour and a half each day ijust dont like my A Days..iwish icould fast forward to June 5th 2009 id be so much happier 
  • iCant believe its 18th birthday is almost a month away (0414) im thinking about going Clubbinnnnnnnnnnnnn hahaha Love,Furr,Hyperlink HERE I COME! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA 
  • speaking of march tomorrow officially makes its exactly 2months and some change until Graduation! time is flying KEEP FLYING ITELL U lol 
  • iLove my school dont get me wrong ijust dislike most of the ppl in it...same lame ppl everyday they may think the same about bout me but when June 5th icould careless what these people think
  • iNeed to clean my car 
  • iStill need a haircut majorly 
  • iHave SAT's next saturday...YAY! sike....
  • tomorrow will be a bum day at school...
  • iCant wait until 032509 doe my big bro stephen comes home from basic got some catchin up to do and we def gon be chillen
  • iCant wait until my car is where iWant it to be 
  • iLove my mom for buying it for me she saved the day as usual
  • graduation stuff comes friday dang ithink its about to hit us that the big day is comin
  • but KD opens next month ineed to get my season pass for sure 
  • but im outta here for the nite kiddos 
Quote of the Day: "Dont lose sight of whats important in life because life always shows signs of how successful u will be in the future" 


Tuesday, March 3, 2009


  • Wow what a past few days!
  • no school because of snow so thankful
  • these roads out here are still horrible  
  • My CD player for my car came yesterday yeah doe! 
  • mannnn iwish summer would get here so ican get more hours 
  • iAM in need of a major haircut doe 
  • my father thinks me and my sister stay out too much...but when we are home we get yelled out for the stupidest things but he fails to realize that we are both pretty much grown.
  • this college ish is stressin me out. idk what to do im waitin on vcu iwanna apply to NSU but idont have the money for the app fee
  • ineed to finish my financial aid but my parents have been so busy
  • ineed to get spark plugs and my oil changed for my car 
  • ialso need to buy the kit to install my cd player in my car...
  • iwish ihad a better job
  • but anywho here some pics from this blizzathon
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Quote of the Day: "Usually the ppl that take u for granted dont know what they have until its gone but the ppl who cherish a bond is what makes life all the worth while"


Sunday, March 1, 2009


  • So its snowing like hell outside the worst ive ever seen in awhile
  • They still havent cancelled school yet more than likely we are cancelled
  • iAm currently stuck over my cousin Chris house since my car is stuck...what a blower lol
  • work was packeddddddd 1st of the month and its snowing bad combo
  • looks like iwont be going tomorrow since my car is stuck
  • did isay how pissed iAm that my car is stuck
  • iAm so excited for college now ihope ican go to NSU nowww
  • there is a food lion rite down the street! oh yeah! so ican transfer and wont be a BROKE college student
  • but yeah doe ill bbl with some updates and photos with snowdom