Saturday, April 25, 2009


  • School is nearing end for us seniors and im so excited tho 
  • but im behind in my vocational class ughhhhhhhh that is really the only class im worried about rite now 
  • im glad ihave today off so ican get some work done and study for my asvab test ill prolly do that as soon as iwake up and situate myself
  • these past 2 days have been iight for the most part.....chilled wit my big bro stephen then went to see Obsessed and Beyonce' was actually believable iliked the movie it was boring at all Then yesterday went to dinner for my friends birthday and went back to her house with her friends and had alot of fun makin smores and whatnot 
  • but im outta here for the nite 

Sunday, April 19, 2009


  • This spring break was a blast man
  • turned 18 no more curfew and went clubbinnnnnn
  • Went to LOVE and didnt come home until 4am lol 
  • now school is back in session tomorrow damn lol 
  • School is approachin its end thank god! im sorry but ppl keep tellin me ur gonna wanna be back no idont! im ready to start my life with a clean slate and travel there is so much iwanna do 
  • Now ishall return to Massaponax high with no patience to deal with the lil children and b.s. so gametime baby! 
  • Grad Day 060509 


Tuesday, April 14, 2009


  • Today is my birthday
  • had a rough start but turned out great
  • went to norfolk to get away from the dump we call the burg
  • went mall trippin and what not
  • got alot of birthday love but some that iwas expecting didnt wish me happy birthday but oh well lol
  • but anyway all igotta say peace out

Sunday, April 12, 2009


  • Friday was greatness it was SS Day lol 
  • Went to KD wit the 09 squad and had a ball lol 
  • yesterday idamn near worked 10 hours 8am-6pm
  • now im just chillaxin and waitin for what life has in store wit me
  • The "Holy Trinity" goes so hard lol (insider)
  • the town centre last nite was very eventful lol goes to show that u truly can stand on 1 side of the burg and spit to the other
  • so ibeen doin the gym thing and the results are coming along which is always good when ur goin in the military 
  • ido need to get things situated for this Asvab tho 
  • ilistened to Day26 new cut and its iight not too bad for a sophomore effort 
  • My birthday is in 2 days wow legality is coming 
  • Spring break has betta be worth it but this is the last real break the seniors have left before graduation so exciting 
im sorry but WTF WAS CASSSIE THINKING! its 1 thing to "dare to be different" to be bold is another statement 
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The place that makes u feel like a kid again....but with friends it makes it all the better
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iTook this at work bored but so icee cold lol 
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took this gettin off the central park exit 
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Quote of the Day: "Never settle for less when u can be capable of more in life" 


Tuesday, April 7, 2009


  • school lame
  • work -slow
  • benchmarks lame
  • payday - OD! lol 
  • ihope there is a spot left for the senior trip...depending on how much imake imite go 
  • im about to get a gym membership so ican get in shape for bootcamp so idont go lookin a damn fool outta shape nd shyt and the last 1 finishin everything 
  • my birthday is in 7 days (sound like some Ring ish doe) lol 
  • iwant a new job....iguess ill go lookin somewhere t0morrow 
  • isat here today reflecting today on my senior year since the final 9 weeks has begun for school....lets see my bestfriend who was like my brother turned his back on me and the worst part is we been friends since toddlers thats iight tho its w/e ibow down to nobody and explain myself to no1 but my parents and god next after the new yr came in, ibecame a better person and matured and scored a prom date and got my car (which inever thought iwas gonna get) and now im about to be 18 and graduate 
  • Now that iprepare myself for life after graduation and school iplan to soar for my goals and join the airforce and make a better life for myself 
Thought of the day: "Never explain urself to anyone but urself ur parents and god....bowing down only leads down a path of stupidity and oblivion so be ur own self and independent"


Sunday, April 5, 2009


  • today was chill
  • worked 12:45-8 tired like hell
  • still hype from the movie "Fast & Furious" they really need to make another....there is no possible way universal is dumb enough to not do it
  • my birthday is in 9 days 
  • idont wanna go to school at all this week 
  • spring break is next week! hahaha gettin it in!
  • payday is this week oh yes
  • that Day26 song "Imma Put It on Her" has been stuck in my head and is growin on me 
  • this week is benchmark testing week UGH!
  • ineed to get the studying for the asvab test for the air force so ican get my life together 

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jordana brewsterrrrrrr sexy car babe lol 

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Va Beachhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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Norfolk Stateeeeeeeeeee

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I kno they prolly sold out everywhere but.....

Quote of the Day: "Keep ur friends close and ur enemies even closer...but the only way you can do that is if you can tell them apart" -Tre Taylor 


Saturday, April 4, 2009

[i]Fast &

  • School is still school....
  • work is still work....
  • my birthday is in 10 days 18 oh boy!
  • icant wait to get paid next week so ican get my griffeys 
  • Making the Band is gettin hilarious too me lol
  • Taking the Stage is actually a good show 
  • ijust returned to the burg today ispent the nite at Norfolk State last nite went to the beach and the movies to see "Fast & Furious" that movie was awesome tho icant believe its been 8 years since the original came out it really lived up to the hype but they ended it with yet another cliff hanger

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finish this later