Thursday, May 28, 2009


  • So the constant bull is gettin old so im just like whatever at this point...icant no longer feel like arguing back with those who try to point out my flaws u have no life whatsoever if ur point out my flaws God aint make us to be perfect "but he wonders y iwont talk to him or tell him anything" 
  • iDidnt get to take my asvab today...igot left because of the dumbass driver
  • so IM DONE WITH HIGH SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELL YEAH! 
  • best feeling of life at the moment and it gets even better when I walk that stage next friday at 5pm promptly lol 
  • iBeen stayin on the grind alot lately trying to find a new job, Ive applied to KD, Gamestop, walmart everywhere
  • iCannot wait to ship out for bootcamp! cuz iCant take it anymore...the constant pain stress and not having nothing to do is lame as hell iwanna travel and see the world
  • but anyway to more positive notes....this must be Sexy Video Vixen Month LOL Because Beyonce and her "Ego Video" is sick and Rihanna in the New Kanye West "Paranoid" and Rich Harrison's (Amerie, Beyonce) new girl group "Richgirl" is hottttttttt and then there is The Dream's New Girl Group Electrik Red but Lady GaGa is that It Girl...Ilove her videos and CD its hot mannn
Indeed u were "Created" Bey lol 
and Rihanna im glad u back in Public Eye imissed u sexy bajan mama lol

Sunday, May 17, 2009


  • This weekend was funnnnnnnn
  • friday went to dinner at olive garden for my cousins 18th birthday 
  • then went to the bowling alley wit the cuzzo JoJo for his firemens graduation
  • Saturday was prom, went to get my haircut in the AM and ran around all day gettin ready 
  • Dinner at Bonefish was good but Prom was so damn live! ihad the best time of my life with my friends everyone looked great and classy it was  funny tho then went to ihop afterwards and came home iwas too tired for anything else at 3am 
  • today I didnt get out the bed until 2:30pm hahaha went to take my tux back and went to shays birthday get together ill have the video up shortly lol 
  • tomorrow is 1st day of my last week of high so happy hahaha 
  • icant wait until next weekend now haha 
bored as hell
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Birthday party fun

Thursday, May 14, 2009


  • Didn't go to school today 
  • Had to go to court because the lady igot into an accident with was appealing her ticket and lost....
  • anyway today was a great day lol not gonna go into detail too much but it was good because pops bought me my subwoofers for my car now all ineed is my amp! 
  • Im so glad ifinished my government paper finally it was gettin on my nerves
  • iwent to the deca banquet today and it was hilarious but the food was on point 
  • went to work for a lil bit toget some extra hours
  • and now its storming outside and ilove thunderstorms lol 
  • all igot left now is a week of school pretty much lol so excited 
  • prom is this saturday that should be interesting
  • but school tomorrow peeps 
"God puts people in you life to help u have support, he also takes them out when he feels u dont need them anymore" 


Wednesday, May 13, 2009


  • Mannnnnn now im near the finsih line and stubbling hard 
  • icant sign up for the asvab until my practice test scores get better ugh! 
  • iWent to see the army recruiter today just out of curiousity to see what the difference was between that and air force 
  • im so glad school is almost over so ican put my focus all in this! 
  • all these end of year projects is some bull im glad my last day is next friday!
  • ihave court tomorrow.....for that fender bender back in march but luckily ionly gotta go to tell my side of the story and my subpoena was only a witness subpoena im so nervous ifeel like idid something horrible
  • Prom is this saturday...not all that thrilled im just goin to go but ihave a lovely date so it should be better 
  • but iDo know ican make it thru these struggles, the way isee it is that God sees potential in me so hes constantly pushing me at my limits to better myself as a human being and ithank him for that 
  • ijust wish it could get better 
  • 23 days until graduation day! 

Quote of the day: "Patience is a virute that is worth waiting because there is always something worth waiting for"


Sunday, May 10, 2009


This past week has been insane.
Ending friendships...moving on its all a process of growing up
U shouldnt have to question friendships with people who u grew up with
but sometimes u just gotta move on and let go 
Today is mother's day and im glad ican always count on my mom
she didnt have the best day but she said imade her day 
because iwas the only 1 who got her something
but im glad ican always confide in my mom 
she goes beyond leaps and bounds for me and iappreciate that so much 
she knows my fav hobbies and what ilike to eat and she even bought me my car
im glad school is almost nearing its end 
5/22 is my last day of school of school until graduation so excited
but icant believe graduation is approaching so soon wow this year flew
prom is this saturday im just like whatever but im glad ihave abeautiful date
igotta get back in the gym this week lol
iwent to richmond last nite what a time ihad lol
went to visit my god brother and went to short pump mall 
my air force endeavors is coming along smoothly itake my asvab june 11th 
but school this week blah....peace

Quote of the day: "Friends come and go like Day & Nite, so u just got to learn which ones are worth fighting for" 


Sunday, May 3, 2009


  • So its been awhile since ibeen on here lol 
  • ibeen doin some thinking time and had to get away
  • but ijust been chillen wit my big bro stephen in whatnot 
  • went to the cavaliers last nite and we nearly busted our ass like a few times he fell twice LMAO ididnt tho it was fun tho 
  • iTake my asvab test the day before graduation June 4th! 
  • graduation is approaching and im happy as hell 
  • ineed a new job 
  • iordered my tux for prom today mannnn 
  • ineed a new pair of stacys tho 
  • Prom betta be fun its my 1st/last prom still debating if ishould go to LOVE afterwards for the Drake Performance 
  • but other than that icant wait for my bff qadi to come home friday! hell yeah
  • last day of school for senior May 22nd! 
  • Graduation is everbit of a month and 2 days away! 
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Quote of the day: "A dream is something unique in your own mind and once ur set urself to it, it becomes a goal, if u strive for it, it can become reality"