Wednesday, January 27, 2010


  • So it has been awhileeeeeeeee since idid this but ive been thru so much with in the last few months and needed to post one again....
  • Went to the Army and got medically Discharged but ill be ok starting over is all about life and getting back when u fall
  • It's hard re-adjusting to life back at home because isee things alot different than before...the way people act, friends and their true motives, and who is doing what with their life. iMiss my Battle Buddies im not gonna lie they became my family in ever bit of a month and half that iwas at basic, we looked out for each other.
  • iWonder where God is leading me in life if that wasn't my destined path? ihave my maybe meant for more? or something imust overcome mentally before ican continue in life but if he wants to challenge me mentally im losing the battle...
  • iLost a great friend on the 1st of the month...Jerrod imiss u so much my dear friend. iAdmit im still grieving there is not 1 day that goes by that idont think about what happened that night, iwant answers but will iever get them? Everytime iget mad or depressed igo to the crash sight and let it all out, scream, yell, cry, or even silence its part of the process for healing......
  • My squad is my life Shae, Marcus, Bryan, Greg, Xavier, Buddha (skidmark insider) we have all been there for each other since the accident and been tight since...ithink Jerrod had this planned to bring us all together lol idont know what iwould do without these peeps when iwas at my worst and ialmost lost myself to the darkness they pulled me out and im greatful for them
  • since ihave been home friends hace come and gone but its part of life and im not worried changes needed to be made, People say since ibeen home...True but for the better, itake no bull off of no one and if u wasnt there when ineeded u the most y igotta reach out right? I dont have time for it life is short every decision counts.
  • I see things alot clearer now than idid before iwas so oblivious to the lies and deceit but nah never again but my bro Damien mannn thanks alot for giving me the wake up call ineeded and u havent gave up on me either and iappreciate that
  • And a lovely lady has entered my life and she makes me happy everytime italk to her ilove her randomness her intelligence everything about her she is like a female version of me ithought inever would have met someone like me its uncanny
  • Im bruised right now but iaint broken thats for sure its all apart of healing and starting anew and icant complain life as a young adult is something new but its a risk and challenge im willing to take :)

-Oh btw blog is about to be under construction and more vivid than before

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