Tuesday, March 2, 2010


  • As my life continues, things are progressively coming along in a way.
  • In my heart I still want to attend a 4 year university and live the life of a stereotypical college kid but I need to stop focusing on what I want and focus on what I need to do and sort out my options
  • I love the people god has blessed me with in my life, they are the foundation in what makes me survive and help me pull it together in my harsh moments
  • I need to fill out my fafsa this week so I can have a hope of attending ECPI in april, I really need to crack down on that so hopefully in 2.5 years ill have a Bachelors! and make my mulahhhhh lol
  • In other news my recent pick up Copper Foams
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  • My next pick up is my funds is right Air Max 95
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  • Im starting to become a Sneak Geek again and I love it lol but onto my electronics, These logitech speakers are next on my list so I can have some force when I play the 360
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  • From now on Im gonna keep up with this more It helps get the thoughts out and im starting to focus more to the positive than the negative hopefully I can maintain the balance....

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