Tuesday, April 7, 2009


  • school lame
  • work -slow
  • benchmarks lame
  • payday - OD! lol 
  • ihope there is a spot left for the senior trip...depending on how much imake imite go 
  • im about to get a gym membership so ican get in shape for bootcamp so idont go lookin a damn fool outta shape nd shyt and the last 1 finishin everything 
  • my birthday is in 7 days (sound like some Ring ish doe) lol 
  • iwant a new job....iguess ill go lookin somewhere t0morrow 
  • isat here today reflecting today on my senior year since the final 9 weeks has begun for school....lets see my bestfriend who was like my brother turned his back on me and the worst part is we been friends since toddlers thats iight tho its w/e ibow down to nobody and explain myself to no1 but my parents and god next after the new yr came in, ibecame a better person and matured and scored a prom date and got my car (which inever thought iwas gonna get) and now im about to be 18 and graduate 
  • Now that iprepare myself for life after graduation and school iplan to soar for my goals and join the airforce and make a better life for myself 
Thought of the day: "Never explain urself to anyone but urself ur parents and god....bowing down only leads down a path of stupidity and oblivion so be ur own self and independent"


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