Sunday, April 12, 2009


  • Friday was greatness it was SS Day lol 
  • Went to KD wit the 09 squad and had a ball lol 
  • yesterday idamn near worked 10 hours 8am-6pm
  • now im just chillaxin and waitin for what life has in store wit me
  • The "Holy Trinity" goes so hard lol (insider)
  • the town centre last nite was very eventful lol goes to show that u truly can stand on 1 side of the burg and spit to the other
  • so ibeen doin the gym thing and the results are coming along which is always good when ur goin in the military 
  • ido need to get things situated for this Asvab tho 
  • ilistened to Day26 new cut and its iight not too bad for a sophomore effort 
  • My birthday is in 2 days wow legality is coming 
  • Spring break has betta be worth it but this is the last real break the seniors have left before graduation so exciting 
im sorry but WTF WAS CASSSIE THINKING! its 1 thing to "dare to be different" to be bold is another statement 
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The place that makes u feel like a kid again....but with friends it makes it all the better
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iTook this at work bored but so icee cold lol 
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took this gettin off the central park exit 
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Quote of the Day: "Never settle for less when u can be capable of more in life" 


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