Sunday, May 17, 2009


  • This weekend was funnnnnnnn
  • friday went to dinner at olive garden for my cousins 18th birthday 
  • then went to the bowling alley wit the cuzzo JoJo for his firemens graduation
  • Saturday was prom, went to get my haircut in the AM and ran around all day gettin ready 
  • Dinner at Bonefish was good but Prom was so damn live! ihad the best time of my life with my friends everyone looked great and classy it was  funny tho then went to ihop afterwards and came home iwas too tired for anything else at 3am 
  • today I didnt get out the bed until 2:30pm hahaha went to take my tux back and went to shays birthday get together ill have the video up shortly lol 
  • tomorrow is 1st day of my last week of high so happy hahaha 
  • icant wait until next weekend now haha 
bored as hell
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Birthday party fun

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