Thursday, May 28, 2009


  • So the constant bull is gettin old so im just like whatever at this point...icant no longer feel like arguing back with those who try to point out my flaws u have no life whatsoever if ur point out my flaws God aint make us to be perfect "but he wonders y iwont talk to him or tell him anything" 
  • iDidnt get to take my asvab today...igot left because of the dumbass driver
  • so IM DONE WITH HIGH SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELL YEAH! 
  • best feeling of life at the moment and it gets even better when I walk that stage next friday at 5pm promptly lol 
  • iBeen stayin on the grind alot lately trying to find a new job, Ive applied to KD, Gamestop, walmart everywhere
  • iCannot wait to ship out for bootcamp! cuz iCant take it anymore...the constant pain stress and not having nothing to do is lame as hell iwanna travel and see the world
  • but anyway to more positive notes....this must be Sexy Video Vixen Month LOL Because Beyonce and her "Ego Video" is sick and Rihanna in the New Kanye West "Paranoid" and Rich Harrison's (Amerie, Beyonce) new girl group "Richgirl" is hottttttttt and then there is The Dream's New Girl Group Electrik Red but Lady GaGa is that It Girl...Ilove her videos and CD its hot mannn
Indeed u were "Created" Bey lol 
and Rihanna im glad u back in Public Eye imissed u sexy bajan mama lol

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