Thursday, May 14, 2009


  • Didn't go to school today 
  • Had to go to court because the lady igot into an accident with was appealing her ticket and lost....
  • anyway today was a great day lol not gonna go into detail too much but it was good because pops bought me my subwoofers for my car now all ineed is my amp! 
  • Im so glad ifinished my government paper finally it was gettin on my nerves
  • iwent to the deca banquet today and it was hilarious but the food was on point 
  • went to work for a lil bit toget some extra hours
  • and now its storming outside and ilove thunderstorms lol 
  • all igot left now is a week of school pretty much lol so excited 
  • prom is this saturday that should be interesting
  • but school tomorrow peeps 
"God puts people in you life to help u have support, he also takes them out when he feels u dont need them anymore" 


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