Wednesday, May 13, 2009


  • Mannnnnn now im near the finsih line and stubbling hard 
  • icant sign up for the asvab until my practice test scores get better ugh! 
  • iWent to see the army recruiter today just out of curiousity to see what the difference was between that and air force 
  • im so glad school is almost over so ican put my focus all in this! 
  • all these end of year projects is some bull im glad my last day is next friday!
  • ihave court tomorrow.....for that fender bender back in march but luckily ionly gotta go to tell my side of the story and my subpoena was only a witness subpoena im so nervous ifeel like idid something horrible
  • Prom is this saturday...not all that thrilled im just goin to go but ihave a lovely date so it should be better 
  • but iDo know ican make it thru these struggles, the way isee it is that God sees potential in me so hes constantly pushing me at my limits to better myself as a human being and ithank him for that 
  • ijust wish it could get better 
  • 23 days until graduation day! 

Quote of the day: "Patience is a virute that is worth waiting because there is always something worth waiting for"


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