Sunday, May 10, 2009


This past week has been insane.
Ending friendships...moving on its all a process of growing up
U shouldnt have to question friendships with people who u grew up with
but sometimes u just gotta move on and let go 
Today is mother's day and im glad ican always count on my mom
she didnt have the best day but she said imade her day 
because iwas the only 1 who got her something
but im glad ican always confide in my mom 
she goes beyond leaps and bounds for me and iappreciate that so much 
she knows my fav hobbies and what ilike to eat and she even bought me my car
im glad school is almost nearing its end 
5/22 is my last day of school of school until graduation so excited
but icant believe graduation is approaching so soon wow this year flew
prom is this saturday im just like whatever but im glad ihave abeautiful date
igotta get back in the gym this week lol
iwent to richmond last nite what a time ihad lol
went to visit my god brother and went to short pump mall 
my air force endeavors is coming along smoothly itake my asvab june 11th 
but school this week blah....peace

Quote of the day: "Friends come and go like Day & Nite, so u just got to learn which ones are worth fighting for" 


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