Wednesday, February 18, 2009


  • school was iight today government we had ice cream cake for homegirl ashley's birthday jive kool
  • work was weak!!!!!!!! as hell dragged for days couldnt wait to get offf 
  • iFound out that even in the 12th grade ppl are still tryin to "buy" their "friends" LMAO u kiddin me sahn? wow u wack for that one doe 
  • all the females ichill wit in my lunch all have unique names LOL 
  • iBeen stuck on this Rick Ross & John Legend joint "Magificent" song is greatness
  • And also Anthony Hamilton - Pass Me Over & Estelle - You Are 
  • Chic-Fil-A got free breakfast or some ish toma mite go scoop me some before schoolage 
  • The Drake mixtape is too fresh doe! So Far Gone bout to download the joint now Kross got me addicted to that joint 
  • These Teaches in school are trippin I got a quiz tomorrow and 3 on friday OH DAMN DEE! 

Magnificent - Rick Ross ft John Legend

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Swagga Like Us Performance one word...HARD

Quote of the Day: "Intelligence is the true goal of character" -Martin Luther King Jr.


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