Thursday, February 26, 2009


  • idt im staying the whole day at school tomorrow irefuse imma get moms to write me anote
  • iHave come to the realization that after chillen wit my Cuzzo Jon Luke that family is the best thing u could have especially when u got some shitty best friends
  • Me and Luke went to see Madea goes to Jail LMAO funniest thing ever
  • iNeed to clean my car tomorrow
  • iStopped by my cuzzo JoJo House to see his mom and talked to him bout cars lol and played with his new laptop
  • iHad Chick Fil A this morn and it hit the spot greatly lol 
  • iCant wait until my head unit arrives
  • iCant wait to get my subs lol
  • iWent to best buy and saw this toshiba laptop iLOVE!
  • but other than that the day was average....

So some1 drew this on the board in my gov class and ithought it was kool
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This is Marvelous rite here
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Quote of the Day: "Life does indeed have obstacles but they are called obstacles so u can overcome them"


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