Thursday, February 19, 2009


  • School was guess what....LAME lol 
  • iChilled wit my big bro Ness today and listened to some of his freestyles and im happy for em he finally movin up in the world 
  • came home talked to the mom then left and went to my other bro Dennis pad to do some hw 
  • Watchin some ABDC and Beat Freaks KILLED THE COMPETITION AGAIN! im for em all female group killin it? thats work 
  • Is it me or is it Chris Breezy & Rihanna nite on ABDC?
  • iGot a current event, vocab quiz in gov, quiz in marketing, and a test in math tomorrow WTH! school is testin me literally
  • Senior trip mite actually work out...60 bucks for a trip to six flags wit the peeps? im down doe
  • iCant wait until payday...wednesday couldnt come any quicker 
  • iGotta figure out what im doin this weekend doe 
  • iHad some Chipotle today! greatness mean the aluminum brick as Kross calls it lol 
thought this was kool
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1 thing some ppl dont know ilove to take pics of nature scenery iTake anything that catches my eye
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Quote of the Day: "Sometimes u have to take bitter with the sweet, let patience and perserverence be ur virtues and all hard work will pay off with time"


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