Saturday, February 28, 2009


  • Today was actually fun lol
  • iworked 10-2 then got some good news lol 
  • got home got yelled at by my dad for parking in front of him w/e
  • went to indigo's house then went with her to Spartan land lol 
  • went to the NSU/Hampton bball game NSU owned em 87 to 53 ithink?
  • iChilled with my favorite cuzin niecy what funnnnnnnnnnnnn 
  • NSU band keeps it real
  • and the NSU/Hampton cheerleaders had a "cheer" off (black cheerleaders at HBCUs can gyrate for fast periods of time lol
  • iThink iwanna go to NSU now....
  • my cuzzo Jon Luke told if like the place of where im furthering my education ishould go it dont matter if u fit in but the all black college experience does sound kool doe
  •  iNeed to get away for college so imma do that ithink 
  • iCan never make up my mind for sure but who cares
  • HBCU's are wheres its at 
took this schnazzy pic at the game
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HBCU Bball games are freshhhhhhhhhhhh
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Quote of the day: "It doesnt matter if u fit in or not if u want a good education, go where u would like to learn not learn how to fit in" -My cousin Jon Luke 


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