Friday, February 27, 2009


  • so what a day! mannn lol so much happened lol
  • ileft school at 10:40 didnt feel like goin to marketing or gov had too much on my mind
  • went to iHop with brodder bumbles (dorsey) and Jarod 
  • came home and died of boredom 
  • took my lil cuzzin to her aunts house and had nothing to do and found myself driving to valero and sitting in the parking lot lol
  • went to amf met up wit Tito for a bit then went to chipotle with my cuzzo chris and his friend
  • went to the mall and saw everyone and their effin mother there
  • Saw a good friend of mine ihavent seen in awhile Michel'Le! 
  • saw my cuzzo James he was tipsy out his ass 
  • saw "someone" get kicked out the mall dont know for what
  • kicked it with Ebony! and her friend for a bit 
  • talked to Bonk on the fone for a bit to let out some frustrations 
  • Question: How do u date a female who has dated another female but u dont know that she dated another female? lol HI-LARIOUS
  • iReally need to break this pattern of fallin for girls who have boyfriends....ihate it with a burning infamous passion
  • iChilled with Qadi and Tiff tonite! they almost killed me because ialready seen Madea Goes to Jail lol 
  • then we had the best talks and tiff and qadi were doing the robot to the touching vibration of my touchscreen on my fone lol 
  • iHave to work in the morning....10-2 then OFF TO NSU iGO! 
  • iCant wait to see Niecy! and go to the bball game NSU vs Hampton! SO IN THERE 
Quotes of the Day: "If it look like a duck, act like a duck, quack like a duck....then its a duck no gettin around it" 

"If someone doesnt love u by now odds are they never will"


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