Monday, February 16, 2009


-School was lame as usual today
-Worked 3-5
-Today was my moms birthday she loved her Doonie bag iBought her 
-iCant wait until spring gets here because iMiss the warm weather
-iCant wait until summer gets here which=more hours for work 
-iThink iMade the rite decision by choosin to do 2 yrs at Germanna so my parents can save some money and iCan still work at the same time so thats a plus and iHave a whip now too so thats a plus
-iWant my new digi cam and 360 and new fone and surround sound system lol 
-Another B-Day at school tomorrow koolness early release yet again
-iLike the new Dream video to Rockin that Thang 

Quote of the day, "if a friend doesn't have ur back or begins to act funny over petty bull, odds are u dont need em in ur life" -Shauniece Jackson 


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