Wednesday, February 25, 2009


  • iThought my day was gonna be horrible considering my horrible morning
  • iGot gas this morning 15 dollars filled my tank....iLove hondas 
  • iHad the best lunch brunch with my cousin Connie at Chipotle! we had the best talk lol
  • iWent to both walmarts and neither of them had a cd player for my car iLiked 
  • so I ordered it online! its so beast doe
  • then they called me into work so isaid y not extra hours 
  • iNeed to clean my car cleaned and get it serviced by no other than pops
  • iNow cant wait to get my Subs for Krypto lol (my car) 
  • so we got A days for the next 2 days 
  • def goin to Chick Fil A in the morn....
  • is tomorrow a bum day? Yes indeedy!
  • so icame to the conclusion homeboy is now out my inner circle tryin act like a friend when he want somethin but then dont kno me when im not needed so hey wth keep it movin igot other friends 
this would be Krypto's new toy comin within the coming weeks
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iWant these item on my list LOL 
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Quote of the Day: "If u wanna use someone for ur own personal gain learn to use and not be used" 


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