Tuesday, February 24, 2009


  • school was up and down today 
  • im madd like 3 ppl im kool wit got suspended today each for different reasons
  • but the thing that pisses me off is that one of my friends got call the "n" word today by this white kid and he meant because he thought my friend was cuttin him in the lunch line and called him "ignorant" then my friend got suspended for going after him after he tried to walk away. its a shame especially when its the end of black history month what a spat in the face yo. it really is SOME PARENTS need to stop this whole segregation nonsense it is no longer the 60's anymore it is Obama era now ppl Deal wit it 
  • iGet paid sometime after midnight tonite YEAH DOE!
  • iNeed to get gas tomorrow morning before school...
  • iHave a lunch date with my cuzzo Connie tomorrow at Chipotle! the marvelous aluminum brick we all love lol
  • My Homie Tremaine got an iPhone this past weekend and as iWas giving it back to him in physics this morning.....we missed each others hands and dropped it on the floor...iFelt as if iDied lol 
  • ihung out wit my bff's Chris & Shae, iwish icould find love like theirs 
  • went to mandas to work on our physics project wit Tremaine barely got anything done lol
  • iAm tired of my best friend not even actin like a friend or actin like idont exist we suppose to be homeboys ok...idc anymore icant wait to get the hell outta that school! so iCan move on with my life 
iCall this Shadow 
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the one ironic thing....nature's beauty and a school 
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at the end of the day ive known these 2 forever it seems and ikno they got my back
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Quote of the Day: "iGuess that's what iGet for wishful thinking" -Rihanna "Rehab"

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