Sunday, February 22, 2009


  • Work was killer today nothin new as usual
  • went wally world saw a cd player for my car iliked
  • igot a mini gov project due tuesday ill do that tomorrow when iget home 
  • iReally need to finish filling out my financial aid
  • iReally hate reading for english...what a dragggggg
  • im glad tomorrow is a Bday doe...A Days are a hassle for reel
  • iChilled wit my cuzzos Chris & Corey today too hilarious hahahaha
  • Black History month is about to come to an end this week 
  • icant wait for the remaining members of goon squad to return soon!
  • but my Birthday is almost a month away now KOOLNESS!

iWant this bad boy doe 
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this movie came on today and ihavent seen it since iwas a kid...gosh time flies
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Quote of the Day: "Doing for others u care about is the most greatest happiness one can ever have" 

"iCannot explain all the things love makes me do but ican say idont regret any of it!" -Shauniece Jackson lol 

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  1. double dragon, i wanted to be those guys when i was a kid.