Tuesday, February 17, 2009


  • so yet again a lame day at school nothing new
  • some ppl seem alil discouraged when itold them im doin the germanna thing oh well IM DOIN WHATS BEST FOR ME AND THATS ALL THAT MATTERS 
  • work wasn't any better seemed as if alot of ppl iwork wit were in a pissy mood oh well lol
  • iCant wait to get a new job doe bestbuy maybe? never know its possible
  • Craigslist is makin me turn away from ebay rite now because ifound a almost brand new blackberry storm for 100 bucks thats WORK! lol(bout to add it to my favorites)
  • is this week draggin and doin the most? yes it is! 
  • took some new pix pretty kool if u ask me 
  • SO Aubrey O'Day's interview about playboy,Danity Kane, Diddy, and her sexuality

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Quote of the day: "a flower may look feel and smell like a flower but that dont mean it seems like a flower" 


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