Saturday, February 21, 2009


  • work was soooooooooooo draggin hard in the pavement hard! 
  • when iGot off iWent to the mall and met up wit my Cuzin Niecy had alot of good moments
  • picked up her bf aka my bro DaRon from work 
  • then played wit his son (lil Zy) had alot of hilarious moments
  • "That was so G!" -Me witnessing Niecy snatch DaRon for a kiss lmao
  • "so the other day isaw a bumper sticker that iWant but it was on another bumper" LOL -Niecy 
  • "Ay Ay Ay Dont act up its Febuary and its black history month and ur black the last time ichecked" LOL -Niecy talkin to Melvin 
  • "Where is his Trfiling Mother?" lol -no comment insider
  • my paycheck is gonna be Phait! next week doe so excited 
  • Seen my homie Donnell in town visiting doe it was kool doe 
  • but im watchin ATL 

Quote of the Day: "Being somethin u arent isnt kool especially when u doin it to impress others. Be yourself and do u for u"


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