Friday, March 6, 2009


  • Today was a mediocre day 
  • school was ok took a test in english 
  • got graduation stuff today 
  • chilled with Niecy & DaRon today
  • got my haircut! oh yeahdoe! 
  • ate some chipotle 
  • found out some bad news bout work....that place is stressful
  • me and shereka hung out and chilled it was kool doe 
  • chilled with Qadi and Tiff today acting dumb doin the stanky arm lol
  • a certain person actually talked to me today after like 3 weeks of silence between each other
  • found out that my 1st cousin Joey is comin down from Maine with his son and wife to visit! ihavent seen him in about 5 years 
  • im excited he is my big cuzin and im glad he is comin to visit 
  • my bro stephen comes home in like 3 weeks now mannnn
  • 041409 couldnt come at a better time 
  • 060509 needs to be here faster tired of this bull im constantly dealing with 
  • im finishing my app to NSU tomorrow! hahaha thanks to Tiff 
  • but im out for the nite im tired and ineed some music before igo insane! 
Quote of the Day: "Life has its obstacles but whether or not u decide to go through them usually determines how u can become a better person"


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