Wednesday, March 4, 2009


  • So today was chill...ran afew errands for my moms
  • FINALLY finished applying for financial aid for college thank god thats outta the way doe
  • did some thinking today of what life will be life if iget into NSU and what it will be life leaving home to be on my excited but at the same time im nervous ive never moved before so this will be an obstacle to overcome
  • So ihad a good outing with my bff Qadi yesterday we had some of the best convos especially the lady who was drivin in the mallparking lot with 1 hand on the wheel and a cig in the other and hit some snow turning and spun wheels LOL
  • crushin on some1 sucks! but iwonder does she notice yet? who knows
  • My cousin Niecy comes home tomorrow so excited as always...ilove it when she comes home we always have something to talk about may it be funny, serious, or just good conversation
  • so tomorrow iReturn back to school for a worthless, pointless, rediculous 2 day week of school as yall can see rite now ihate School because of how BORING it is...same ppl same situations everyday listening to teachers talk for an hour and a half each day ijust dont like my A Days..iwish icould fast forward to June 5th 2009 id be so much happier 
  • iCant believe its 18th birthday is almost a month away (0414) im thinking about going Clubbinnnnnnnnnnnnn hahaha Love,Furr,Hyperlink HERE I COME! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA 
  • speaking of march tomorrow officially makes its exactly 2months and some change until Graduation! time is flying KEEP FLYING ITELL U lol 
  • iLove my school dont get me wrong ijust dislike most of the ppl in it...same lame ppl everyday they may think the same about bout me but when June 5th icould careless what these people think
  • iNeed to clean my car 
  • iStill need a haircut majorly 
  • iHave SAT's next saturday...YAY! sike....
  • tomorrow will be a bum day at school...
  • iCant wait until 032509 doe my big bro stephen comes home from basic got some catchin up to do and we def gon be chillen
  • iCant wait until my car is where iWant it to be 
  • iLove my mom for buying it for me she saved the day as usual
  • graduation stuff comes friday dang ithink its about to hit us that the big day is comin
  • but KD opens next month ineed to get my season pass for sure 
  • but im outta here for the nite kiddos 
Quote of the Day: "Dont lose sight of whats important in life because life always shows signs of how successful u will be in the future" 


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