Monday, March 23, 2009


  • Same Old Same Old at school
  • my spring break is already gonna be busy like idk what
  • work was boring 
  • Senior Panoramic pic is tomorrow during A-1 missing physics oh yeah!
  • icannot wait to get paid 
  • my bro comes home in 1 day and a wake up which is kool aint seen em since December
  • ididnt finish my hw but oh well 
  • icant wait until that money can come up 
  • today irealized its official....icant get her outta my mind....without a smile 
  • icant stop listenin to J. Holiday - Run Into My Arms (his new album is somethin serious) 
  • so iWant my laptop so bad lol 
  • but im outta here for the nite until tomorrow 

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