Saturday, March 14, 2009

[i]Can't Take It Anymore

  • today was another one of those days 
  • im almost broke but havent spent barely anymoney on myself
  • itruly cannot take this insanity any longer iswear 
  • Town Centre WEAK!
  • spring break get here please....
  • iwant another job im not gettin any hours to get me by paycheck to paycheck
  • iTook SAT;s today and ihope idid well
  • "iwoke up today and wish istayed asleep"
  • cuzin ditched me at the mall pretty much 
  • im truly beginning to think what real friends do ihave because icalled all the ppl iwanted to chill with and they didnt answer the fone 
  • all im gonna say is WATCH ME DO ME! dont ask me for NOTHING! dont call me PERIOD 
  • iwas suppose to chill withsome one today and didnt happen
  • my dad has no respect honestly ithink he feels he can talk to anyone anyway he wants...this is y he wonders y we dont get along because everyword to me is a rude demand no Hi he never talks to me but whatever.

Took this pic today thru my sunroof
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Quote of the Day: "Some people u think ur kool with shouldnt be in every lane, they need to stay in their respected lane not be swerving in every single one"


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