Tuesday, March 10, 2009


  • iwoke up late again for school but made it on time....barely
  • Computer Networking was ok
  • iFound out me and my partner placed 1st in an FBLA contest competition! icouldnt believe because sometimes ilack self esteem iaint gonna lie so now im goin to regionals on April 17th 
  • iTook cap and gown shots today at school ihope they look ok....
  • went over my big homie Tre house today after school and chilled until like 7 wit him Court and Shabazz 
  • HI-LARIOUS ithink we were lunchin for 2 hrs straight on how Tre is a Lama at the zoo and how if her and tre had kicks it be a half lama LOL 
  • Tre def jacked Shabazz for his Pippens lol 
  • Then we were lunchin off that wack dude Young LA on his wack verses talkin bout extra cheese and Broccoli servin everybody WOW lol 
  • iget paid after midnight tonite HY! 
  • so idef cant wait for spring break! ugh ineed to get away time to start saving money 

Quote of the Day: "No matter what type of person you are, u should know ur limitations learn how to deal with them and move on" 


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