Saturday, March 28, 2009


  • so the last few days have been insane! 
  • school was ok 
  • been chillen wit my bro for the last few days 
  • went to the movies last nite to see the haunting in conneticut and it was something serious didnt waste my money lol 
  • ahhhhhhh so idecided what im doin after high school everyone.....alot really are shocked by this but oh welll ifinally decided that im doing the air force..yeah isaid the air force. im doin it because im making life easier for me and my parents. idont want a butload of student loans to pay once igrad from college so yeah and icant picture myself being broke in college but if u dont like my decision oh well go suck a nut because the ones icare about support me 100 but the benefits are redic. and iget to travel as yall know igrew up in the burg so ireally havent been anywhere like that so im excited
  • my birthday is like 3 weeks now hahaha 
  • ihave a date to the prom now hehehehe so excited 
  • Grad is less than 70 days away now im so blown thats crazy to me lol 
  • but im on my Lady GaGa ish tho her songs are just so catchy to me lol 
  • Poker Face just wont get out of my head lol 
Quote of the Day: "Never hold back on ur dreams embrace them and dont fear that u cant reach them....there is always a way"


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