Wednesday, March 18, 2009


  • ididnt go to school until last period today lol
  • ichilled with my cousin joey today doe! me and pops did 
  • ummmm my cousin Krissy is comin up to meet him tomorrow im so excited because she is meeting her dad side (my uncle) of the Fam finally 
  • and imay be possible seeing my grandfather tomorrow...ihavent seen him since 2004 and he is the only 1 ihave left.
  • ifeel so happy that this is all happening my senior year so many memories ill miss everysingle 1
  • icant believe iturn 18 next month wow
  • icant wait until beach week! 
  • my big bro comes home next week doe from basic!
  • ebony is my bud we chillen tomorrow yesiir so kool 
  • work was chill for once
Quote of the Day: "Dont Judge Me. U def dont know my struggle" -Niecy & DaRon lol 


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