Saturday, March 7, 2009


  • So work was horrendous and depressing nothing new
  • idont wanna work tomorrow
  • now igotta send my stuff off monday
  • ihung out wit tiff and qadi today at the lame town centre 
  • iWas in the middle of driving and came to a complete stop on rt 17 lol when tiff told me something lol
  • im waiting to get paid next week 
  • my bro comes home in 2 weeks as of tomorrow mannnn 
  • im so exhausted spring break needs to get here im tired 
  • ihave nothing more to say at the moment 
ipulled over in the car and took this off the road
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Quote of the Day: "if u have a dream dont wait to go after it, fight for ur dream not today not tomorrow not next week, do it now!"


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