Friday, March 20, 2009


  • ihavent been on here in a few days so much to say
  • got into a fender bender yesterday my car is ok thank god no damage just a scratch on my bumper this lady CUT ME OFF ON RT 3! and itapped her bumper 
  • She got the ticket tho 
  • iHung out with my 1st cousin joey yesterday since it was his last day and he finally met our other 1st cousin Kristina for the 1st time it was a great moment 
  • ibeen listenin to the Drake Mixtape non stop considering my moods lately
  • iChilled with my long time friend C Ward today talked about college he is hoping iget into ODU since iretook the SAT's for them....iHope iget in
  • this whole college process is a pain in the ass because my mind keeps changing ijust...I DONT KNOW!
  • today was a horrible day at school someone who icut out my life ithought is tryna get back in.......
  • some ppl OD on joking now awdays.....if u talk about somebody dont whisper to the other person say it to their face!
  • ineed to get accepted into colleges please by my birthday! 
this is the result when itapped her bumper when SHE cut me off but she got the ticket lol 
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these would be my 1st Cousins yes hard to believe 
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Quote of the Day: "dont ask for permission, ask for forgiveness and let go" 


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