Thursday, March 5, 2009


  • Today we returned to school....what a blower
  • nothin special happened as usual 
  • after school went over my cuzzo Jon Luke's crib and chilled as he beat me severly in Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe but its ok doe lol
  • His mom cooked some bangin fried porkchop and rice DEAR LORD! was it great
  • iSwear aint no friend better than family mannnn 
  • Graduation stuff is coming tomorrow wow its almost that if it would come alil quicker
  • this weekend is suppose to be warm so shorts it is! lol 
  • tomorrow im chillen wit Niecy then after that idk my bff jill
  • payday needs to get here cuz this near brokeness is a horrible feeling to have
  • idont wanna go to school tomorrow as usual....but its a B Day so it shouldnt be as badd
  • Quest Crew won ABDC which was good even tho iwanted beat freaks to win
  • so im tired and outta here kiddos 
Quote of the Day: "Friends arent always promised forever but family is a bond that never fades"


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