Sunday, March 22, 2009


  • this weekend was up and down but it resulted iight iguess
  • icant believe march is almost over u know what actually Scratch that ican! 
  • April needs to get here because iturn 18 next month so ican become legal and go clubbin and not have a curfew anymore and get better jobs 
  • today was a beautiful day outside and chilled with niecy today and took her out for a change 
  • today irealized that iam crushin hard for this certain female she knows who she is and ilove her overall aura to me her vibe tells a story icould read for days her personality is so swaggtastic lol 
  • icant wait for summer to arrive so ican make this cash and buy what iwant 
  • ineed to hear back from some of these colleges because as of rite now ihavent got accepted anywhere.....that isnt good. im waiting on 3 colleges to be exact 
  • Senioritis is killin me slowly but surely im givin in day by day some of my classes are killing me and the work is easy! ijust dont like doing it
  • my big bro comes home on wednesday doe! we bout to be geekin!
  • iwant a better job so now im just waiting to turn 18 for sure 
  • if odu lets me in this time ill be so excited iwont know what to do but nsu is still an option but more than likely if iget into odu ill go because im gonna prove them ican do the work that some SAT doesnt represent my work ethic 
  • icant wait for beach week! 
  • today all icould think about is life after 6/5/09 what a blissful thought........

iwant these so baddddddd
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
and iwill have them lol 

Quote of the Day: "What we do doesn't define who we are, but what defines us is what we do while we rise after we have fallen"


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