Sunday, March 8, 2009


  • iWorked at a different Food Lion today and iloved it people are so much nicer there and worry about their own damn selves 
  • iGot home and vacuumed the car out, still need to clean the outside tho but iaint have time today
  • spend a couple hrs wit pops installing my CD Player! yessir and its effin kool lol 
  • this weekend's weather was so nice now idef cant wait until my birthday
  • now idont wanna go back to school tomorrow...icant do this....idk whats worst school or work both are stressful and make me hate life sometimes
  • 060509
  • 041409 both dates icant wait for 
  • oh and icant forget 032509 
  • ishould really be doing my math bout to say forget it
  • spring break would be lovely rite now if IWERE IN COLLEGE but no...
  • ineed to get my stuff sent off to NSU tomorrow hahaaha so excited to know im prolly goin somewhere in life and out da burg aint nothin here for me or anyone for that matter who wants to follow their dreams 
My Head Unit 
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Quote of the Day: "Memories of how things used to be are bogus to me now because ino longer care enough to be bothered by it all anymore" 


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