Monday, March 9, 2009


  • School was ok
  • Adv Physics was fun my group speghetti bridge held 650 lbs believe it or not lol 
  • Math was wack took this long quiz that took all class
  • Marketing iwas bored to death!
  • Government was extra wack 
  • iSaw Taquana and Kemisha today! so happy to see my old track buddies
  • iGot my stuff sent off to NSU today 
  • igot my car cleaned today finally! lol 
  • my head unit is working wonders lol
  • Cap & Gown pics are tomorrow wow never thought id see the day 
  • had a good time with Niecy today ilove her new laptop and im jealous 
  • My 1st cousin whom ihavent seen in 5 yrs is coming to visit next monday im excited and nervous all at the same time because for the 1st time ever all the 1st cousins on my dads side are uniting 
Quote of the Day: "I have known myself all my life, I dont need anyone to tell me about myself plain and simple" 


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